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Who We Are

The Northwest Ohio Cultural Heritage Group (NWOCHG) is a collection of individuals working in libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and allied professions that work to preserve our region's history. Meetings are typically held three times per year, in April, July, and October in a variety of locations in northwest Ohio. The goal of meetings is to provide those doing this work an opportunity for networking, professional development, and discussion.

With the advent of the pandemic, as so many other organizations have moved to virtual events, NWOCHG meetings as well are currently instead being hosted virtually via Zoom with a goal of still occurring thrice annually.

We strive to have a particular topic for meetings, with meetings being discussion-driven on that topic, and no set agenda. Participants should come to meetings with questions regarding the topic, resources to share, and even presentations to give or workshop. Discussion outside of the meeting topic is to be expected and encouraged.

Should your schedule limit the possibility of making it to in-person meetings, please don't let that stop you from joining the Google group if nothing else, to stay informed on what is happening in our corner of Ohio. While the focus of the group is on organizations and individuals working in Northwest Ohio, the group is free to join for all.

Should you wish to join please contact Emily Rinaman at or Linda Huber at and they would be happy to add you to the Google group.

Google Group Email Address:

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